Crypto Whales Move $640M: 14,159 BTC, 2 Mil SOL, 21 Mil SHIB, & 29.9 Mil LINK

• Crypto whales have recently moved over $640 million in digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Shiba Inu and Chainlink.
• Whale Alert spotted 14,159 BTC worth $421.7 million being transferred from one wallet to another as well as 2,000,000 SOL from Binance to an unknown wallet.
• Other notable transfers include 409,823 SOL worth $10.3 million and 2,416,836 SHIB worth $18.7 million both being sent from Binance US to an unknown wallet and 3,743 LINK worth $29.9 million moving from one unknown wallet to another.

Crypto Whales Move Over $640 Million in Digital Assets

Deep-pocketed crypto investors are transferring hundreds of millions of dollars worth of digital assets between wallets and exchanges. According to data from whale-surveying platform Whale Alert, a single high-net-worth trader moved14,159 Bitcoin (BTC) valued at around $421.7 million from one unknown wallet to another.

Bitcoin Movement

Whale Alert also noted that 1,881 BTC valued at around $55.9 million was sent from an unknown wallet to Coinbase – a major US-based crypto exchange platform – while 27366 Ethereum (ETH) was transferred out of Binance US into an unknown wallet for the same amount of money ($51.6 million).

Solana & Shiba Inu Transfers

The whale activity continued with 2 million Solana (SOL) valued at approximately $53.9 million being shifted out of Binance into an unknown wallet followed by 409 823 SOL (valued at around 10$3million) leaving Binance US for an unnamed destination address as well as 2416 836 SHIB(valued at approximately 18$7million) departing Binance US towards another undisclosed address on the blockchain network .

ChainLink Transfer

Perhaps the most notable transfer was that of 3743 239 Chainlink (LINK), which was moved between two unidentified wallets for a total value of about 29$9million


It appears that large players in the cryptocurrency markets are actively participating in repositioning their portfolios across different networks and exchanges – something which could potentially impact prices across different coins and tokens going forward

Crypto Whales Move $640M: 14,159 BTC, 2 Mil SOL, 21 Mil SHIB, & 29.9 Mil LINK
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